Is the jewelry real gold/silver? 
Yes all our jewelry is genuine gold and/or silver. It is not plated etc. We stand behind our products and they are stamped with the metal composition. 

Are the diamonds lab or natural?
All our diamonds are natural diamonds. Our gemstones may be lab or natural and will be clearly stated in the description. 

Can I get a certification for the diamonds?
Yes we can get a certificate for the diamonds for certain pieces. For certain bridal sets and solitaire earrings we can provide an GIA certificate for the diamonds. If one is required please send us a message and we can advise whether one is available or can be obtained. If a certification is not available, a complimentary appraisal can be provided for any item purchased through us. 

What is the warranty?
We offer a lifetime guarantee on the authenticity of the metals of our jewelry . The items are not covered for normal wear and tear. We do offer a 3 year and lifetime additional care plan that can be purchased for all items. This care plan would cover all breakage and wear and tear on products as well as routine cleanings etc. These are nationally offered through Jeweler's Mutual and can be serviced through us or through Jewelers Mutual. 

The ring is not my size, can it be resized? 
Yes some of the rings are available in different sizes. If your size doesn't happen to be listed, send us a message through chat, contact form or email and we can advise whether the ring can be special ordered or resized to your specifications.